• Ashley has been a fantastic trainer for my dog and I. My dog used to be fear aggressive with other dogs and people but thanks to group training and boarding sessions with Ashley, he is so much more confident and tolerant in situations that previously made him reactive. I can’t recommend Ashley enough!

    Maria Zavala Avatar Maria Zavala
    September 6, 2018

    positive review  Great experience working with Ashley! Every dog owner could use her guidance to develop a better relationship with their pet.

    Ronald Pang Avatar Ronald Pang
    November 11, 2018

    positive review  Ashley did great helping train my two dogs and I! You can tell she is passionate about this and shows you exactly how to communicate with your dog. Both of my dogs were stubborn and awful on walks/leashes. Now I have two well behaved dogs that listen and understand commands. It makes it easy for me to communicate with them. Ashley is awesome!

    Kamila Alvarez Avatar Kamila Alvarez
    September 6, 2018
  • What can I said other than 5 Stars. Ashley is a phenomenal dog trainer. Together her and Alces are a fantastic team. I loved my whole experience working with the Tamed team. Book an evaluation, you will not regret it!

    Eoghan Colgan Avatar Eoghan Colgan
    September 4, 2018

    positive review  When I got my dog, Rooney, I knew I wanted to be able to have her be a partner in my adventures in life exploring the world and not just left at home all the time. Ashley and her wonderful coaching and encouragement as our dog trainer have allowed us to do that and more. She helped train me as much as she helped train my dog and provided me with the skills I needed to effectively communicate with Rooney who at times could show her stubborn side. Ashley is truly passionate about helping her clients achieve the lifestyle they are seeking and I am so grateful she came into our life. I am looking forward to many more years of off-leash hiking and lazy brewery afternoons with my well-trained dog!

    Becke Edwards Avatar Becke Edwards
    September 5, 2018

    positive review  Ashley has been my trainer for my dog Kanga for a little over a year. Before Ashley I had thought my dog was well trained and behaved and was a bit hesitant when someone told me to pay and use someone else for training. Because 1st I already thought my dog was good, and 2nd because I felt insulted that someone had said that the dog I had trained for his first year needed help. Which after this year I know the answer to these two innitial thoughts: 1st my dog was just okay but Ashley helped make him 100x smarter, better, and more calm (regardless of the scene), and 2nd put your ego in check. Ashley wants the best for your dog and can get your dog to perform at a level not even thought of as possible (but you have to put in the work). I always think of it like this, everyone says their dog “knows” how to sit and lie down, etc. But in actuality probably only 1% of dogs have learned what these commands even mean. Every dog owner that says it can do these commands needs food as a motivator and needs to repeat the command 3-5 times. I can tell my dog from over 75 feet away to do these simple commands, and he does them at a snap of the finger. And that is just a tiny portion of what Ashley helps you to train your dog. Don’t think about it just do it. And you will be so much happier for it!

    Finn Green Avatar Finn Green
    September 3, 2018


Ashley worked with my dog, Brisket starting when he was about five months old. She started by training the two of us (I needed the training so much more than Brisket!) in 1-1 sessions in my home and then she boarded him for two and a half weeks, working with him in her home while I was abroad. I was amazed at how far he had come and how much he had learned when I came home! We live in a high-rise building in uptown Charlotte and I constantly get asked how old he is and comments about how great he behaves for being a puppy….and a Boxer at that! He has the best elevator manners and it is a pleasure to have him around (can’t say that for all of my friend’s dogs….sorry, not sorry). He has retained all of the training that Ashley worked with him on and I am so appreciative. I highly recommend Ashley….and, I already have to friends! She trained two of my best friends’ dogs and they are also so well behaved. Want a pleasant and obedient dog? Go see Ashley!


Mabel is a Chinese slaughterhouse survivor. She is a Golden Retriever about 2-3 years old. Mabel had lots to learn about being a cherished member of the family and living her best life. While she was gentle and amazing with my little ones, she always would find trouble. Mabel chewed everything and would tear around the house without any manners. While I always felt a deep responsibility and commitment to her, I found it difficult to bond with her because I was always “on” her for her behavior.

That has all changed since Ashley worked with Mabel. 2 weeks with Ashley and I have a mature, focused, and amazing companion. She is showing great manners and growing every day with her off-leash work. She is so happy and so am I.
Watching her have freedom and being able to include her on our adventures (she loves riding around in our golf cart) has been so rewarding. Ashley is patient, structured, intuitive, and knows exactly how to identify the needs of her dogs. I couldn’t be happier and more grateful that we found Ashley. She changed our relationship and allowed both of us to truly enjoy each other.
Ashley, THANK YOU! You delivered beyond my expectations and Mabel is destined for great adventures because of you. While I fought to get her out of China and harms’ way, you truly took her the last step of her journey to living her best life. We are forever grateful.


Ashley was fantastic to work with and helped me better understand my dog Sonny. She was especially helpful in teaching me to break down commands into smaller actions so that Sonny understood what I was telling him to do and in finding alternative ways to motivate him as treats aren’t really his main jam.  I would definitely recommend her to a friend.


Earlier this year I moved to Charlotte with an almost 1 year old Australian Shepherd, Finn, who had previous training but with lack of follow through it did not work. Ashley came in and completely changed Finn around. From the first consultation Finn was drawn to Ashley and you could see the respect and attention he had with her was amazing. With just one lesson Ashley was able to do certain commands and tricks with Finn that I did not think were every possible. Now I can say Finn is a total 180 from when we moved here 9 months ago. We have truly enjoyed working with Ashley and her continuous knowledge and help with Finn, we couldn’t be happier with her training. We just added another 8 week old Australian Shepherd to the family and we will definitely be using Ashley to train her as well!


Last year I adopted the sweetest pup from San Pedro de Atacama, Chile! Her name is Lucha and she is such a blessing. However, she was a runner and was used to being a stray in the desert, roaming anywhere and everywhere. Long story short, I eventually was able to get her to the USA. Once she was here, I was so scared she would escape and run away, just because that is all she knew. She couldn’t be off-leash because she wanted to just run. Even on-leash, if someone accidentally let go of the leash she was gone. It was a problem. About 2 months later, to add more chaos, I got a Goldendoodle puppy, Wilder, which I had been planning on getting for over a year. The timing was crazy and to say I was overwhelmed would be an understatement. The next several months were difficult. I talked with one of my most trusted friends, and she recommended I contact Ashley. I did, and our lives have been changed ever since. I spoke with Ashley about our options for training, as well as expectations and goals. Along with all of the other commands and training, I wanted to be able to have both my dogs off leash and not run away, especially Lucha. Ashley was very honest and clear about the training and what I could expect. We decided on a 2-week Board and Tame training program. Since then, they have become truly well-behaved, while keeping their same wonderful personalities. I constantly get compliments for how well-behaved they are, and they can be outside, off leash and their recall is perfect. That alone has truly changed my life. She not only taught Lucha and Wilder a great deal, but she also taught me so much too. Ashley took time to make sure I understood all of the commands and this really maximized the effects of the training. I was literally terrified to send my pups anywhere and didn’t really trust anyone, but Ashley calmed my fears, and was amazing. Now I can take my dogs anywhere without fear of them running away. If you have a dog that you love and you want to have a truly balanced and fun, happy life together, not just inside your house but in public too, you should seriously contact Ashley! She is the absolute best!!


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