Tamed is a full service dog training company in the greater Charlotte area.  Here at Tamed, we work to Build Balanced Behaviors.  Tamed personalizes your experience with your dog and helps you build a balanced life together.  Our dog training program will teach you how to effectively communicate with your dog both at home and in real life environments.  We believe that dog training should not be one size fits all – every dog is different and therefore requires a slightly different training regimen.  Tamed also provides education and support for the life of your dog.  Check out our services page for a complete list of all of the programs we offer.

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Our mission is to provide the building blocks needed to create an unbreakable relationship with you and your canine. Here at Tamed, we will provide our clients with expert training and tools so we can reach your goals together in a fun and positive atmosphere. No dog is the same, and at Tamed we treat every canine on an individual basis to achieve your personal training goals.”

Tamed is proud to support the following local, reputable dog breeders: Season’s Gold | Coldwater German Shepherds of NC