Puppy must be 10-18 weeks of age. The habits we teach puppies from 6-16 weeks are the most crucial for future disposition and obedience development. Your puppy will live in the trainer’s home for 8 weeks.  If you want, Tamed can even help you choose a dog from a reputable breeder before starting the program. This 8 week program is designed to Build Balanced Behaviors as well as proactively setting them up for further intensive training. You will receive weekly updates via text or email, as well as recommended reading material about your new dog. As the owner, you will receive lessons every two weeks, a lesson the day your puppy returns home, and one follow up lesson several weeks out. Before their delivery, you will also receive a detailed email including a daily routine and tips on your puppys development. Once completing this program, your dog is eligible for Phase III, Refreshers, and Boarding Programs.  Tamed is willing to travel at the expense of the owner. Program pricing includes Pro Educator 900 Collar, Mendota leash, and longline.  Before starting the program, your puppy should have their first 2 rounds of vaccines.  Food and vet costs are not included.


Working with Tamed is easy:
  1. Complete a FREE evaluation.
  2. Select the program that’s right for you and your dog.
  3. Build Balanced Behaviors with your dog.
  • NAME RECOGNITION – Getting your dogs attention with their name
  • YES – Marker word/bridge to release into handler
  • GOOD – Marker Word/Bridge to let the dog know you like this behavior and to keep doing it
  • NOPE – The dog did not do the behavior you are asking, this is the bridge to redirecting to what you do want
  • HERE – Dog flips into the heel on the left side of the handler
  • FRONT – recall to handler in the front position, sitting and looking up to the handler
  • SIT – sit and stay where you are, automatic sits at heel position
  • DOWN – lay down in front, beside, or at a distance from handler
  • PLACE – anything with boundaries, (bed, cot, crate, etc…)
  • HEEL – walk on left side, nose to knee
  • WRAP – Wrap around right leg to left side of handler in heel position
  • OUT/DROP – release toys
  • OFF – stop unwanted behaviors
  • FREE – Release dog away from handler to get a toy, release to a person, or in general to move away from handler
Subjects Covered:
  • Name Recognition
  • Crate Training
  • Potty Training
  • Curb Puppy Biting
  • Socialization
  • Tethering
  • Free Shaping Behaviors
  • Marker Words
  • Intro to Loose Leash
  • On and Off Leash Obedience with Distractions
  • Auto Side Sits on Walks
  • Sending Dog to Place Until Released
  • Focus
  • Curbing Unwanted Behaviors (ex: Jumping, Excessive Barking, Nipping)
  • Doorbell Manners
  • Meal Routine